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Who are we?

Your new telecommunications company

TERATEL started in 2016 (then, as eh! telecom) as a local virtual telco provider in Spain, with less than 20 customers at that time. In 2017, we adopted our current denomination (TERATEL), with the aim of transmitting a new, modern and fresh image towards the public.

One year later, we launch telembi in Spain, our low-cost, no-frills brand. The public of our new brand are those who really want to squeeze their phone bill, but having all the essentials that a good voice-and-data tariff must have. Is in 2018 when we “jump” to Europe, setting up in United Kingdom TERATEL Operadora de Telecomunicaciones Ltd. Thanks to this, we initiated our expansion in Europe: Spain first and now United Kingdom, to bring and offer, for a really good price, a really good telco service. From this premise, our motto born: Always the service you need, whichever the circumstance.

We are expecting to start offering our services in UK at the beginning of 2019, with our brand teratel UK, under development at this time.

We are proud to have all around Europe, a strong partnership with some of the best voice and data providers, resulting in a complete offer towards our customers not only in Spain where we continue to grow and grow, but as well in UK and in Europe. Those are, among others, Telecom Boutique, Aire Networks, Carrier Enabler, EHG Carrier Services… who are able to provide the best experience and quality, whichever the circumstance.